Having been the victim of 2 bicycle thefts in the past year, I’ve found it difficult to become attached to anything on two wheels, caveat: Zoey Deschanel on a Vespa. The feeling was no different when I recently bought this bicycle from a gentleman who tunes up and resells storage unit auctioned bicycles (legal theft in my opinion, but I have karmic equity to cash in).

The bike struck me as kinda nerdy, but it resonated with my mental deal detector because the price was right and it simply gives a great bike ride. Given that I had just spent a good deal of money on it I decided I wanted to like it, so I found the vintage Italian handlebar tape I had been saving for my first stolen bicycle. In addition, I scored some GREAT fabric that had originally been meant for Quicksilver Snowboard jackets but had been pardoned to become my bicycle seat (thanks Liv via Mandy!). With a little help from instructables and common sense, I give you a bicycle I now love.