Jealousy can drive a person to do many things. Gardening, apparently, is no exception. Early in the summer I had a flood of friends planning, prepping and starting their gardens, while I crossed my arms and pouted knowing I had no ground to grow things in. Then felicity struck when brainstorming what to do with my salvaged (trash) boat. A GARBAGE GARDEN!! Pretty simple really, the idea is a hybrid between a raised garden bed and… garbage. All it takes is a few milk crates lined with found window screens, filled with potting soil and hooked up to a simple drip irrigation system. The drip irrigation is elegantly simple as well. I drilled a hole in a bucket slightly smaller than the 1/4″ tubing, made a filter out of a used water bottle lid stuffed with the screen from a typical kitchen/bathroom faucet and glued it together. Elevate the bucket and run a series of drip faucets to the garden and you are done!

Except that you are not done. How are you supposed to see all the wonderful things you’ve grown at night? With a garbage light of course! My world traveling friend Neta was wonderful enough to gift me some solar garden lights. Unfortunately, they are on the ugly side, but I was able to salvage an old bird feeder and turn it into a groovy (solar) lantern with a zen feel to it. To make it, a small square was cut out to fit the solar housing and voila! Trash light!