The Anywhere Light. It’s as difficult to blog about as it is to explain. It started as an art project. The idea came after a fueled discussion with my friend and colleague, Mike Twardos, about some way to represent keeping in “touch” with loved ones through a “one click” interface, similar to the popularity of simple facebook apps. The medium was a light that could be touched on in one location, and a corresponding light would turn on as well, separated by infinite distances. The project evolved into an educational one, the idea being that The Anywhere Light could be reproduced from scratch by any one. Once done the “light” could be “touched” and “turn on” anything. I use quotes because the items are loosely defined. The idea being that limits of the project were bounded only by the creativity of the users. At any rate, it was a blast to take to Maker Faire last year. Looking forward to going again this year.