Ever seen those creepy Charles Schwabb commercials with the crazy life-like animations? They are done by rotoscoping, which takes about 100 (artist) man hours per single minute of film. I don’t quite have the skills for that, or the time. So I hacked together a solution for my upcoming friend film festival movie about giving, which I’ll post the finished product when it’s complete. For now, the technical side of things:

  • Movie shot on an iPhone, clipped and emailed to myself.
  • Using QuickTime on a Mac, I exported the movie to images and stripped out the audio.
  • Using Matlab I imported each image and processed with the wonderful bilateral filter function. This takes about 11s for each image, at 30 frames/s that is about 6.5 minutes for 1s of processed film.
  • I imported the images back into QuickTime and put the audio back in, save as a movie and voila! Not perfect, but interesting to look at.

Thanks Shoma for participating (and my awesome viking paper ship)!