This post is in reference to her iPad 2, not the baby in her belly. After watching my darling wife incessantly google “iPad2 news” for months now, it’s finally arrived. Having thought I would take little interest in a giant iPhone, I must admit, the experience of using one is altogether different thanks to a number of innovative apps that do something I am particularly fond of, data aggregation. For example one, Paprika, let’s you choose a recipe online, and instantly and accurately parses it into your personal cookbook, in a well designed and intuitively simple format. Another of my favorites, Flipboard, is an aggregator of all sorts of feeds: google reader, LA Times, Facebook, blogs, etc.. It’s essentially the messy web experience we are all used to, formatted and put into a design that’s easy on the eyes. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching the delight it’s brought Karen, I’ve been interested in the way she uses it. The flipping etc., so I did a fun little analysis.

First, I took an overexposed picture in a dark place and constricted my flash so that the screen did not pick up a lot of reflection.

Next, I imported the image into photoshop, warped and played with the color histograms to get this.

After a little editing in matlab, I created this heat map, the hotter colors show where Karen touches the iPad2 the most. You can see two consistent lines that she chooses to swipe along, the other two being symmetric about the center line since there is no well defined “up” or “down” on the screen. It is pretty amazing how consistent she is though! Awesome/disappointing update: Karen informs me the lines are where the iPad’s cover does NOT touch the glass. Microfiber win!

Finally, I put it right back into her iPad. I hope she doesn’t get mad that I replaced her flower picture…