Still not referring to the baby (no longer) in her belly…

but her iPad. Last time when I was finishing up my post Karen pointed out that the lines weren’t from use but the lines left after the micro-cleansing cloth did it’s job. So I redid this cleaning the screen each time for three different apps.

Note: the preview function in WordPress isn’t showing the animated GIFs, so if you want to see the action, click on the image to see the animation.

Flipboard (what up Wills and Kate!), lots of flipping and scrolling.

Tiny Wings, one finger push in the bottom of the right screen (and a single push for the start button).

And, surprise, a rainbow drawing using SketchBook Express.

This was done by : cleaning the iPad, using the App, taking a picture of the iPad turned off with an indirect flash (the non-reflective scattering off the oil picks up the light more than the fully refelective non-oily surface), and editing in PhotoShop to bring out the color.