Karen, myself and Jude are staying at my parents house in New Mexico for the week. My mom had pointed out some weeds she wanted pulled in her “secret garden” and Karen and I almost immediately looked at each other and screamed Yard Crashers!!! So began a long week of yard/house work while Jude literally stared, smiled and talked to the little stuffed zebra that has garnered way more attention from him than either of us ever have…

The first, and probably most difficult of the projects was the entry way trellis. I freestyled off this design, using found wood and matching the silhouette of the frame to the door and window frames inside my parents house.

We then made a continuation of their short brick wall, using found tree trunk sections and cinder blocks that my mom will eventually fill with succulents.

The length of this wall led to an old lattice made of steel wiring. My mom initially wanted to run ivy up through it, but we were inspired by a painting technique we saw on Design Within a Dime a while back. We bought tin flashing, spray paint and acetone. We spray painted the tin flashing in different combinations of deep blue and copper, dripped acetone on it and lit it on fire. The result was this beautiful blue/copper marbling effect.

We finished the space with some succulents, old wine bottles, grass and copper red bark.

Then I found some quality lumber lying around and made a cool modern looking wood adirondack chair. This was originally inspired by repurposing pallets, which I did find lying around but were in no shape for making a chair out of.

This was supposed to be matched by a stone and wood block bench but when I dug up the blocks they were crawling in ants and I no longer wanted anything to do with them.

Finally, and maybe my favorite I hung some simple solar lamps in the tress that I found lying around. The lighting was incredible!!

That and a LOT of weed pulling by Karen and my mom’s secret garden was up to snuff. Hope you like it, love you!!