Insert cliche I’ve-been-busy-sorry-for-not-posting-comment here. It’s true though. However, I need to shamelessly self promote because there is a chance Experium Academy will look at this blog and think I give up on things. Heeeeaaaay Experium!! So instead of lots of posts about everything I’ve done over the past 6 months or so, here is a summary/highlights/excuse-list/shameless-self-promotion in the hopes that Experium contacts me ( ) and finds me interesting enough to collaborate with…

I was on the TV!! Curiosity, the “flagship” Discovery Channel series did a fascinating special on what it means to be evil. Eli Roth from Inglorious Basterds and Hostel hosted and I scanned his brain, did the analysis and chipped in with production. Jim Fallon got to break it down on TV being the famous neuroscientist and all while I was portrayed as a tech, but I WAS ON THE TV!!! And got in the credits which apparently is a big deal if you work in Hollywood. So I always have stardom to fall back on. I had to take a picture of my computer playing it on iTunes since screen capture doesn’t work with iTunes material and I’m not waiting around for a replay to screen cap my TV…

Arguably the biggest project I have been doing though is not science at all. With the help of my family and friends I installed this kitchen in my new house! A major improvement over the old one, no!?

Back to science. After a year of hard work I was able to present my Brown Adipose Tissue imaging results to the community. People were over the moon. For the first time, we as a species, understand where Brown Adipose Tissue is deposited in a healthy, live human infant. For those that don’t know, Brown Adipose Tissue is the bees knees and will be the savior of the obesity epidemic one day.

Finally, my biggest time suck. I’ve tried to avoid blogging about him, but how can I mention my life without doing so!? Here he is, Jude dude! I love him so so much.

Experium, if you are listening. Know that, above all, I am passionate about science, education, family and life. Call me!